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Best Golf Instructors

What You Need To Know About Learning Golf from a Golf Instructor ! There are some 30,000 individuals throughout the U.S. who call themselves golf professionals. Many of these professionals are members of the Professional Golf Association of America (PGA of America). The PGA is a program designed to train individuals to work in the […]

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Golf Myths

Here are a few myths that might help answer some of your questions Myth – All professionals are qualified to give golf lessons. Response – No way! Some professionals haven’t received accreditation from the PGA or LPGA or any other recognized golf institution. Anyone can call himself or herself a professional. Myth – All accredited […]

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Cindy MacNider has spent the past 15 years understanding these characteristics and how they apply to the golf swing. With an unsurpassed education from the LPGA education program and a passion for helping people enjoy the game, Cindy’s instruction program is guaranteed to enlighten you with your golf game and give you the tools to […]

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