Golf Programs with Top Golf Instructor Cindy MacNider

Experience the difference of learning golf from a professional who has been through the education program of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. Benefit from a system designed to be very simple, and make sense. I believe if what you’re trying to learn is logical, it’s much easier to retain. In addition, you’ll learn what causes what, helping you to make corrections yourself when on the course.


Private One-On-One Instruction


New Golfer Program

My NEW beginner golfer program is different than anything you’ve ever seen before.  Golf is not necessarily a beginner friendly game, but it is reachable in 5 short weeks if you follow my plan. My philosophy: if something makes common sense, you’ll retain it for a lifetime.

You’ll learn a common sense approach to:
• Rolling the ball into the hole
• Getting lift on short approach shots to the green
• Getting your ball airborn
• Do’s and don’ts on the playing field
• Equipment must have’s

You’re commitment:
• Give me 90 minutes per week for 4 weeks.
• 1-2 hours of practice time each week
• A positive attitude


Small Golf Clinics

It can be very helpful to have a friend or small group of friends who want to join you in learning golf.


View Your Golf Swing Online and have a Private one-on-one Golf Lesson

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Step 1: Download and install the free V1 Home Software, located here: Download V1 Home . Launch the V1 Software and register your software, which will also create an account for you on Cindy MacNider Golf Academy. You may upgrade at any time to the Premium Edition which provides additional features.

Step 2: Get your athletic motion on video. Capture either one motion from the front view or one motion from the “down the line” view. Be sure to edit the video as necessary (only clips that are under 10 seconds will be accepted).

Step 3: Upload your video to your online locker and assign it to your Cindy MacNider Golf Academy Professional.