Best Golf Instructors

What You Need To Know About Learning Golf from a Golf Instructor !

There are some 30,000 individuals throughout the U.S. who call themselves golf professionals. Many of these professionals are members of the Professional Golf Association of America (PGA of America).

The PGA is a program designed to train individuals to work in the golf industry with a focus on operating a golf course and
all of the parts of that operation. However they are not all ‘Certified Golf Instructors’.

The Ladies Professional Golf Association has a division called the Teaching and Club Professional (LPGA T&CP). This division of the LPGA is also devoted to training individuals in the golf industry, however, membership at this time, is exclusive to women only and the majority of the 4 year education program is focused on the art of teaching the game. The LPGA T&CP education curriculum is research-based and represents proven effective teaching methods.

A “Class A” designation in either organization indicates that professional has completed the extensive education program and has been certified by their respective organization. Since the LPGA T&CP offers an extensive education on teaching golf, and has a world-renown National Education Program, an LPGA T&CP Class A member (or Master Professional) is considered the most knowledgeable in the art of teaching golf. An LPGA T&CP Master Professional is one who has dedicated a minimum of 15 years to teaching golf and has satisfied other requirements of the LPGA T&CP division.

Therefore, if qualifications are important to you, look for a Class A or Master LPGA T&CP member to take your lessons from.

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