Golf Myths

Here are a few myths that might help answer some of your questions

Myth – All professionals are qualified to give golf lessons.

Response – No way! Some professionals haven’t received accreditation from the PGA or LPGA or any other recognized golf institution. Anyone can call himself or herself a professional.

Myth – All accredited professionals are good instructors.

Response – No way! Good instructors are those who have spent a major focus of their golf education on the art of teaching. Many focus their learning on golf course operations in order to become a Head Professional or Director of Golf. These professionals may have never attended any education programs on teaching.

– If a person is highlighted on The Golf Channel, they are one of the nation’s top Golf Instructors.

Response – Not necessarily. Yes, there are certainly some great instructors highlighted on The Golf Channel, however, a top golf instructor is one who treats you individually and adapts their teaching style to your learning style. This is the optimum way to assure you’ll retain the information.

– Women should take golf lessons from women.

Response – Again, not necessarily. The ability to teach is a skill both learned and inherent where the teacher has different methods to effectively communicate to different types of students. The important thing isn’t gender as much as it is finding a teacher who possesses this knowledge and ability to adjust teaching styles.

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